Best Odds Betting Sites in India

On this page, you will find the definitive ranking as well as reviews of betting sites with high odds.

Best Betting Sites with High Odds

Rank Bonus Turnover Min odds 

Exclusive Free Bet Bonus of ₹10,000!

Turnover: No requirements

Lowest odds: 2.0

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150% Up To ₹30,000!

Turnover: 16x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.9

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Turnover: 5x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.40

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150% up to ₹32,000 Use Code "MYBETTING"

Turnover: 7x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.8

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Turnover: 5x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.40

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Turnover: 15x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.8

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100% up to ₹36,000

Turnover: 15x bonus amount

Lowest odds: 1.8

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Lowest odds: 1.7

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High Odds Betting Sites - A Full Guide

Odds are an essential part of creating your successful online betting journey and any experienced punter knows the power of comparing odds and finding that extra edge. However, there’s no way to guarantee that one betting site will always offer higher odds than others. But our betting experts have spent years wagering through several different betting sites, and have come to have a general idea of which betting sites offer the best odds.

To help our users, we have compiled a short list of the best odds betting sites - these betting sites offer consistently high odds as well as additional features that help the users increase their profitability for each bet.

Betting Sites with Boosted Odds

Betway boosts are available on selected markets.
Accumulator bet boosts for increased odds.
Offers a combo boost bonus for players.
Boosted levels are available for accumulator bets.
Daily cricket boosted the odds in the sportsbook.
Combo boosts while building a combo bet.

Top 3 Betting Sites with High Odds

1. Betway

Image with Betway screenshots of boosted odds on mobile

Betway is our top pick amongst high odds betting sites. This is because the bookmaker offers the most attractive odds in our experience. There are also additional features such as Betway boosts as well as #betyourway specials that allow players to wager money with higher odds than normal.

Betway has a small but reliable welcome bonus, which makes it a great pick for players who care about making their money’s worth. Last but not least, we found that Betway offers very attractive odds for bigger events such as the FIFA World Cup or IPL.

2. Parimatch

Image with Parimatch screenshots of parlay odds on mobile

Parimatch has quickly become one of the best Indian bookmakers thanks to its many features, which also include high odds for various markets. The variety of bets that players can make on Parimatch is pretty wide, and punters will find that the odds are usually very high.

Parimatch also has a wide selection of parlay bets that punters can make, which are obviously a good way to increase your odds. Parimatch also seems to have the highest outright odds we came across, especially for bigger events like the IPL.

3. 1xBet

Image with 1x Bet screenshots of accumulator odds and bonus on mobile

We have often spoken about the huge sportsbook offered by 1xBet. This impressive sportsbook also features a wide variety of high odds. Another feature offered by 1xBet is that it focuses a lot on the accumulator bet markets.

Not only does 1xBet offer accumulator bet recommendations every day, but it also offers a special accumulator bet bonus to help players increase their odds even further. 1xBet also happens to have a welcome bonus that requires the use of accumulator bets to meet the wagering requirements, making it the perfect pick for a punter who plays accumulator bets often.

High Odds Betting Sites - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about high odds betting sites and how best to find them.

Which betting sites offer the best odds?

According to our research, top betting sites such as Betway, Parimatch, and 1xBet offer consistently high odds. All three of these bookmakers also offer additional features such as odds boosts, a good selection of accumulator or combo bets, special odds boost bonuses, etc. All these factors make these the top 3 betting sites for high odds.

Are high betting odds easier to win?

The higher the odds, the more money a punter wins for the bet. However, higher odds have a low chance of winning. This is because the outcome of that particular bet is less likely to happen, which is why the payout for such a bet is usually higher - thus, the high odds.

Betting on high odds means placing a bet with a high risk but also a higher reward.

Is there any way to increase odds on betting sites?

The best way to increase the odds offered by a betting site is to simply look for features such as bet-builders for accumulator bets, odds boosts, and special boosted odds bonuses.

These types of features can help punters increase the simple odds, even if only by a little, making them more money in the long run.

Which betting sites offer boosted odds?

Here are the betting sites that offer boosted odds:

  1. Betway - Betway boosts are available on selected markets.
  2. 1xbet - Accumulator bet boosts for increased odds.
  3. 10Cric - Offers a combo boost bonus for players.
  4. Bettilt - Boosted levels are available for accumulator bets.
  5. CricBaba - Daily cricket boosted the odds in the sportsbook.
  6. 4rabet - Combo boosts while building a combo bet.

How We Rank High Odds Betting Sites

When we review high odds betting sites, we keep certain factors in mind. These include the availability of odds, any additional features or bonuses like boosted odds, the ease of making accumulator or combo bets, as well as the variety of outright odds.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of these factors to understand them better, and then we can move on to the reviews of our top 5 best odds betting sites.

High Odds Ranking Factors

Availability of Odds

One of the most important factors to look at is the odds themselves. While there is no way of predicting which betting site will have higher odds, professional punters often have multiple betting accounts to compare the odds before they place any bets. Our team has also often followed the same logic and compared odds provided by different bookmakers to decide which betting site to bet on.

We obviously cannot predict which are the best odds betting sites only on the basis of this, however. Odds keep changing, and only real-time comparison can give you a concrete idea of which betting site is better than the other. Therefore, we have created the rankings on this page based on personal experience that these betting sites often provide the best odds.

Odds Boosts or Bonuses

Another thing that helps punters get the best odds is additional features such as odds boosts or special bonuses created to increase odds. Most of the high odds betting sites we came across offer bet boosts of one kind or another. Odds boosts can take your normal odds for a bet and increase them to a higher amount, giving you more money than you would have made otherwise.

Ease of Making Accumulator Bets

A very effective way to increase your odds on a sportsbook is to bet using accumulator or combo bets. While all bookmakers allow players to create accumulator bets, we look into how convenient the process is for each bookmaker and then rank them accordingly.

Some high odds betting sites also allow players to boost their odds while creating a new accumulator or combo bet - these are often called “combo boosts”. If you add enough odds that meet the minimum odd requirements, then the bookmakers can boost your accumulator odds even further.

Variety of Outright Odds

Outright odds can be a great way of getting more value for your money. Since outright odds are set a while before any tournament or event actually starts, they can often be quite profitable because they are not exactly set on the current performance of the teams or players but instead based on the historical performances of teams.

Outright odds get revised regularly, especially closer to the tournament, but the earlier you bet, the better the odds you get might be. Outright odds are also the easiest to compare on several betting sites with high odds and are often the most obviously more or less on one site than on another.

Betting Sites with High Odds Reviewed

Here are our top 5 best odds betting sites:

Top 5 High Odds Betting Sites in India (2023)

  1. Betway - best odds in India.
  2. Parimatch - high outright odds.
  3. 1xBet - accumulator bet boosts.
  4. 10Cric - combo boost bonus.
  5. 22Bet - high live and pre-match odds.

Now we can dig a bit deeper for you and actually list all the reasons why we chose to place these 5 high odds betting sites at the top of our list. You can read a mini-review for each of these bookmakers and then decide which one you’d like to start with.


Exclusive Free Bet Bonus of ₹10,000!

Betway is our top pick amongst high odds betting sites because our betting reviewers have found consistently high odds offered by the bookmaker. These include pre-match odds, live odds, as well as outright odds.

Moreover, punters will find that the “Betway Boosts” feature allows them to place a few special bets with boosted odds. Last but not least, there is also a separate section for #betyourway specials, which is dedicated to extra accumulator bets created by Betway for the punters to choose from.

Here’s why Betway is our #1 high odds betting site:

✔️ Consistently high odds in all varieties.

✔️ Betway boosts to increase the odds further.

✔️ #Betyourway special accumulator bet selection.


150% Up To ₹30,000!

Parimatch has gained a lot of popularity in the Indian betting market, thanks to its huge sportsbook as well as the various betting features offered by the bookmaker. When it comes to odds, our team found that Parimatch has very competitive odds when compared to other bookmakers in India.

Parimatch has a good variety of parlay bets as well as outright odds. In fact, when we compared several high odds betting sites for outright odds for IPL, Parimatch was the one with some of the best odds on the list.

Here’s why Parimatch is our #2 high odds betting site:

✔️ Pretty high odds for various markets.

✔️ Selection of parlay bets.

✔️ Best for outright odd selection.


100% Up To ₹26,000
Exclusive Bonus with code: MBSVIP

1xBet is known for its highly optimised Indian sportsbook, which also happens to be one of the biggest when it comes to betting variety. Thanks to its huge sportsbook, 1xBet also has a big selection of high odds for various sports betting markets. The bookmaker also happens to feature a good number of accumulator bets.

Players can get daily accumulator bet recommendations made by 1xBet itself. Another good news is that the 1xBet welcome offer’s wagering requirements are also fulfilled by accumulator bets, which makes them a good choice for any punter.

Here’s why 1xBet is our #3 high odds betting site:

✔️ Huge variety of high odds for various markets.

✔️ Daily accumulator bet recommendations.

✔️ Accumulator bet bonuses.


150% up to ₹32,000 Use Code "MYBETTING"

We have often talked about how 10Cric remains a top choice for people who want to bet on any sport, but especially cricket. The bookmaker has very high odds when it comes to its cricket betting markets.

10Cric is also another great choice for people who are looking to place bets on high outright odds for various tournaments and events. Last but not least, 10Cric has a great combo boost bonus, which allows punters to increase their odds even further.

Here’s why 10Cric is our #4 high odds betting site:

✔️ High cricket betting odds.

✔️ Great bookmaker for outright odds.

✔️ Combo boost bonus.


100% Up To ₹10,000

The last in this short list, but definitely a great pick for punters looking for high odds, 22Bet has a very wide and interesting sportsbook. The live betting section on 22Bet also features a lot of high live betting odds.

Same as 1xBet, 22Bet is also big on accumulator bets, which means that players get daily recommendations for accumulator bets. On top of that, there is an exclusive accumulator bet bonus available to 22Bet punters for them to increase the accumulator bet odds even further and make more bang for their buck.

Here’s why 22Bet is our #5 high odds betting site:

✔️ High live betting odds.

✔️ Accumulator bet recommendations.

✔️ Special accumulator bet bonus.

Comparison of Betting Site Odds

In this section, we will just be doing a bit of a comparison between our top 5 bookmakers. Keep in mind that these comparisons do not mean that one bookmaker always has better odds than another.

These comparisons have been done just to showcase how odds can differ on various bookmakers and how the best way to get the best odds betting site is to often make these comparisons yourself and then place your bets.

Here are some comparisons of odds offered by high odds betting sites - we have picked up simple match winner odds for an IPL 2023 match between Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals.

Comparison of High Odds Betting Sites

Tomesh Kulkarni

Tomesh Kulkarni

Website Manager

How can the comparison of odds benefit punters, Tomesh?

As you can see, there’s only a marginal difference when it comes to the simple winner odds for a match between Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals. However, if you’re betting with a big amount, then even these marginal differences can add up to a lot of money.

So in this example, if someone wanted to bet on Delhi Capitals to win the match, they would make the most profit by using Betway. This method of comparison can be tedious, but it allows players to get that extra edge over the bookmakers and make the most profit for each winning bet.

Strategies to Find the Best Odds Betting Sites

In this section, we will discuss some basic strategies that our team of betting experts prefer to use when they are looking for the best odds in the market. Comparing and finding the highest odds is the only long-term and sure-shot way of beating the bookmakers at their own game and coming away with more profit than you could make otherwise.

So here's the scoop from the very best minds in the MBS India team!

MBS India Strategies for Best Odds

Bet using high odds betting sites.

The reason we have put so much effort into compiling a list of the best odds betting sites is so that you don't have to spend hours scouring the internet to look for these sites yourself.

As per our experience, betting sites such as Betway, Parimatch, 1xBet, 10Cric, and 22Bet usually feature high odds and prove to be great picks for anyone who wants a good selection of odds. So feel free and sign up on one of these top 5 betting sites to get the best odds.

Sign up on multiple betting sites to compare odds yourself!

Another more detailed but successful way of finding the best odds is to always sign up on multiple betting sites. If you have accounts on 3 or 4 betting sites, you can easily open up each sportsbook and compare the odds for a specific bet you're looking to make. This way, you will always get the best odds for a wager in real time.

This can be a time-intensive approach, but one that is used by the most successful punters in the world.

Make more accumulator bets.

Instead of making simple single bets on every match, try and combine several odds to make your own accumulator or combo bets. This allows you to increase the overall odds for several smaller outcomes. This, of course, raises the risk of the bet overall but also ensures that you walk away with way more money at the end.

If you combine several low-risk bets, you can also very easily make a better return on your stake through a combo or accumulator bet. Additionally, these odds can be improved using combo bet bonuses on many betting sites (as we have mentioned on this page).

Look for odds boosts or bonuses.

Not all betting sites offer odds boosts or bonuses, but it is always a good idea to look for a few betting sites that do offer these extra features. For example, Betway is our all-time favourite thanks to their Betway boosts as well as #betyourway special accumulators that are offered throughout the year.

Odd boosts and bonuses can help you make a slight but meaningful increase in your odds. While these offers and bonuses are not as flashy as free bets, they can often give you a lot more in value than other bonuses.